The World Is About To Change.

The Day of the Lord is upon us.  Now is the time when all humanity must choose one and for all whom they will serve.  It will ultimately come down to two groups of people:  Those who serve Jesus, and those who serve satan.  In this case, you cannot be undecided.  There is no neutral or “middle” ground.  You are either for Jesus, or you are against Him.  If you are not for Him, you are against Him, as He stated in His Word. 

The world, as we know it, is about to change.  Nothing will be the same.  If you look hard enough, you can see some of the changes slowly taking place.  Very few people actually notice these changes.  To put it another way, most people do not seem to care.

Be warned:  The Day of the Lord will come upon you when you least expect it.  The Word of God teaches us to always be sober minded, always watching.  If you are caught up in sin or have any secret sins, woe unto you.  Repent.  Get rid of all your secret sins.  God knows about all of them, and failure to repent will cost you dearly.

The Lord says, “Repent while you still have time to repent, while you still have breath”.  You cannot wait until you are on your death bed to repent.  Some people may not ever make it to their death bed.  Some people, while caught up in all kinds of sins and abominations, may not have a chance to repent before death suddenly takes them.  Repent now!  No one is guaranteed tomorrow.  Repent now!  Now is the accepted time.  Today is the day of salvation.  Get all the sin out of your life.  Break all your bad habits.  Gen rid of all your secret sins.  Get before the Lord and repent.  Ask Him to save you and wash you in His blood.

Behold, The Days are Coming…

Woe to those who live in the valley, for the mountains shall descend.

Woe to those who live in the mountains, for they shall descend.

Woe to those who live by the sea, for the waters shall overtake them.


“Seek Me while it is still day, because the night comes when no man can see. Darkness will fall on the whole Earth.  Many will not stand. Many who call themselves My people will be faint of heart and will fall away and turn to the world for its riches and the cares of this life. Woe to those who call themselves My people and do not live holy.”